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Digital marketing


Social Media Strategy and Management



Everyone has gone digital... businesses, customers, and services alike. And for some, the internet and social media can be overwhelming. You are flooded with information and industry specific jargon that you can barely keep up. Fret not, dear friend, we're here...not really to save the day, but at least help you reach your customers and target audiences.

Let us into your world. Who are you? Who do you want to reach? What is unique about you? If you let us know you well enough, we can tailor each post and each ad around your brand, for the audience you want to reach.

SEO Strategy

Any company operating in the digital marketplace will tell you that SEO is key. And in a way it is. But it is much more than keywords. Google algorithms are always changing and are now more focused to the individual user vs the collective. As the internet evolves, you have to as well. But one thing will always remain true, which is your core.
Who are you? What makes you different? Why are you the better choice? The ONLY choice?  Let's build on that and everything else will follow (not really, we will still make sure that you have a solid digital presence but leave that to us. You just focus on being you.)

Conversational Marketing and Strategy (Business Communications)


Don't you just hate receiving those emails that have been so obviously sent to a thousand other people? You know the ones. Cold. Generic. Those emails deserve to be in spam folders (where they usually end up) or stay unread before they are deleted.
We make sure that every single email, newsletter,  marketing tool, and other forms of communication you have, has personality and reflects your brand and principles. It will always be about YOU. Always.

Online Reputation Management


Some of us have that embarrassing photo of flashing everyone after falling into a ditch. Something we really don't want Google to keep a record of. And because we've fallen into ditches more times than we care to admit, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance...or maybe even a third. So, as long as you promise to use your new found superpowers only, and only, for good, we got you covered.

No one in IB has fallen into a ditch. EVER. If its not on Google, it didn’t happen.

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