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Bespoke services

Special strokes for those special folks.


Do you operate in a niche market which require very specific skill sets? Well, so do we... at least individually. (You know how we say we are politically neutral? One of us isn't. We won't tell who but if you follow us on our socials, it's pretty easy to figure out. )

We like to keep our business in house to make sure we give you the dedication and support that you deserve and need. But IB is more than just the 4 of us. There are a few more in the background who have specialised full time jobs but love IB just a little less than we do. Our blended family work in these fields:


Accountancy and Financial Services

Legal Services

Disaster Risk Reduction



...and hello... Politics.


While we focus on our 3 key areas, we do like a little "excitement" once in a while.

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