Our Conscious Business Story

InfiniteBinary is Benjamin's brainchild that has been placed in the back burner for the last few years. Up until mid-2021 when the idea of starting a business once again came to surface triggered by a rant on unfair business practices, decent living wages, and the future of our children...and we have 6 of them!

As a Conscious Business, InfiniteBinary believes that your success in business should not depend on how deep your pockets are, but the positive impact that you bring to society. Our "business model" knows that there is win-win scenario. A business who gets what they need at a price point they can afford. A workforce, on site or virtual, who does not need another job to lead decent lives.  And of course, there's us, who genuinely wants to see a business community who cares more about people than profits. 

One of our core services is to connect businesses to a qualified workforce. And we do this with your specific needs in mind, while making sure that your staff are trained and equipped to function the way you expect them to … barring the initial adjustment period of course.

If you want to know how we keep our ethos intact while conducting business, drop us a line using the form at the bottom of the page.


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